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The best and the worst creatures created

By Chardonnay Beaver

People are indeed the best and the worst creatures created. 

We have been granted the free-will to make decisions and cultivate realities that can damage one another. Men and women. Boys and girls. Young and old.

Whether in numbers or siloed in singleness, people are capable. Yet we, the people, perform our capabilities in many different ways. Our gifts of leadership or service can heal a generation. Whereas, our unbalanced judgment can ruin innocent lives. 

The spectrum of human capabilities is quite wide. 

Whether we recognize it now or later, our human bodies are subject to mortality. 

I am reminded daily that misplacing my hope in people will provoke a response of offense or disappointment. That very response will derail me from being the person I was created to be – you know, leaning towards the best rather than worst creature created. 

Reminding myself of my humanity has been a good and wise practice for me lately. 

It’s in my admitted limitedness, dependence on God, and frustrations with depravity that inclines me to truly see the humanity in others. I’m not too wearisome of our flaws. I actually admire those who humbly profess their shortcomings. 

However, I am concerned by the self-righteous and prideful. Perhaps their perspectives have been shaped by a lack of self-perception. 

Ultimately, I love people – I’m just not a big fan of our instinctual ways. 

Words of Wisdom by Char of the Week: We weren’t created to live life apart from people. Each creature was created to exist among its species, so what makes us any different? I’ve recognized our humanity requires God’s divinity to engage with each other well. It’s in these moments that I ask for compassion. During this holiday season, let’s consider ways we can extend and receive compassion.