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Senior Older and Wiser By June Michel

SEATTLE IS SEEKING OUR INPUT ON A $28 MILLION COMMUNITY INVESTMENT. Right now, the City of Seattle is conducting information and training sessions on how we in the community want them to spend the $28 million. Seattle is asking for our response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) to direct the disbursement of approximately $28 million in the City of Seattle's Participatory Budgeting Process. This is a direct result of the public outcry after the killing of George Floyd. As stated in the Request, "to acknowledge the systematic harm done to Black communities." In an effort to respond to the demand for Seattle to invest in our community safety through funding for housing, education, and healthcare in a fair manner, overview of this program has been given to the Seattle Office of Civil Rights.

TRAINING SESSIONS: Most of us have never participated in submitting a proposal for programs and funding. But programs and funding for our community are exactly what we have been demanding. That is why the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is offering extensive training. Even if you miss one of the three presentations, the OCR has a very clear website that will walk you through the process. The site includes the application documents. They want you to participate. Link to OCR

TRAINING SCHEDULE: There will be three training and information sessions. Again, don’t be discouraged if you have missed a session, they will post the sessions to the website and, the Office of Civil Rights will assist you.

1. Request For Proposal overview Tuesday 12/7/2021, 5-7pm, virtual

2. The Black Brilliance Project Report, Thursday, Dec 9, from 5-7pm virtual

3. Application, frequently asked questions, budget, etc. Tuesday, December 14, from 5-7pm, virtual

The link for virtual sessions is on the webpage above or you can telephone Emanuel "mano" da Silva, Office of Civil Rights, at Phone (206) 450-3577


Information Sessions. December 7-14

Deadline for Questions. January 5

Interviews. Late January to early February

Notification and Announcement of Awards, Friday, January 5

Anticipated Negotiation Schedule February – March

Contract Execution, April 2022

BLACK LIVES MATTER: This is a direct result of the tremendous community, national and world demand to the end of police violence against African Americans. This is a chance to create change for the better. Seattle is asking us to tell them where the programs and opportunities have bypassed our community. Put some thought into this. Do you want to create a special drug response team? Do you believe we need more African-American police officers and to get there we need special recruitment and training with financial bonuses? Do you want more social services available at your senior center? This is our chance. As a friend of mine would say, “you snooze, you lose.”

Remember, you read it in The FACTS Newspaper.



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