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Side by Side

Everyone needs a healthy support system, and here’s why.

By Chardonnay Beaver

The past three years have reinforced a sense of despair that, for some, is difficult to recover from. A global pandemic, tragic gun violence, and perpetual poverty are just a few issues this generation seeks to solve.

These issues weigh heavy on our hearts and minds. Searching for solutions can become exhausting.

It’s as though we’re so close to a breakthrough, yet so far.

Yet, I’m grateful for our community. In community, we have the opportunity to strategies solutions to reach common goals. These strategies require all of our participation.

One of the greatest feelings is trust. Trust is easy to lose, and hard to gain. Trust provides assurance that those beside you have your best interest in mind. Trust is previewed in seasons of promotion, but tested in times of devastation.

Recently, one of my closest friends underwent a challenging moment of distress. In that moment, it wasn’t my opinion they needed. That moment of distress required me to sacrifice something of value: my time and energy. Many people don’t understand what sacrifice means.

Sacrifice doesn’t mean we manage the burden of others. We were created to serve others, not to save them. Instead, sacrifice compels us to assist in carrying the burden of others.

To elaborate, I didn’t take on the burden of distress my friend carried. Rather, I stood beside them in pursuing solutions.

Words of Wisdom by Char of the Week: Issues of injustice weigh heavy on our hearts and minds. Stand beside your friends and community in times of distress. Though we’d prefer to advocate against pain, pain brings us in closer proximity to God. Galatians 6:2