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Sports By Mazvita


With the Storm continuing their torrid home winning streak. Which is eight in a row if you have lost track, it occurred to me how important home is to athletic competition. Yes, we all know home is where the heart is. I would add it means much more in athletics.

This week I watched the Continental Polo match between Zimbabwe and Zambia. It was not on television. You see I am here home in Zimbabwe getting some R& R. More to come at a later date. Let me get back to the home-field advantage. The Zimbabwe vs Zambia Polo match was played inside the Zimbabwe Polo Grounds. Let me tell you it was quite the shindig. A gathering of dignitaries, and celebrities from both countries. Any yours truly. So enough already you say. What happened in the match?

Okay, first the rules. Each team is made of four players on hoarse back with a mallet which is used to hit the ball towards the opponent’s goal. Similar to soccer the idea is to get the ball past the opponent’s goal by hitting it with the mallet. Players cannot hit each other but can use their hoarse to cut off their opponent to get to the rolling ball. There are four periods called Chukka which last 7 minutes and 30 seconds. If a team scores the teams change ends and start again. The event was sponsored by Titan Law. And year so much for the home-field advantage. Those Zambian’s got the better of the Zimbo’s. Despite the loss a good time was had by all and I learned a new sport.


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