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The Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge, downtown Seattle,Colman Dock and Waterfront Park

The Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge, a more accessible pedestrian connection between downtown Seattle, Colman Dock and Waterfront Park opens on Monday, November 6

Temporary bridge will close on Friday, November 3, at 6 PM to finalize new bridge connection.

Seattle (October 31, 2023) – The City’s Waterfront Seattle Program will open the new Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge to the public on Monday, November 6. The new bridge, designed and constructed in a partnership between the City of Seattle and the Washington State Department of Transportation, improves mobility in downtown Seattle by directly connecting 1st Ave to the newly rebuilt Colman Dock ferry terminal. This essential pedestrian connection to the Seattle Multimodal Terminal at Colman Dock has historically served nearly 5 million pedestrian passengers annually, making it one of the busiest pedestrian bridges on the west coast. Both the new bridge and the new terminal provide major improvements to the public’s travel experience connecting downtown Seattle and the new Waterfront Park to communities all around Elliott Bay and Puget Sound.  Removal and demolition of the temporary bridge, starting at Western Ave and Marion St, then moving towards Columbia St, will begin on Friday, November 3. To complete the final connection at Western Ave between the existing bridge and new bridge, both the existing temporary bridge and the new bridge will be closed for the weekend from Friday, November 3, at 6 PM through early Monday, November 6. There will also be street impacts on Alaskan Way, Marion St, Western Ave and Columbia St. Removal of the temporary bridge is expected to be complete by early 2024. "As Seattle continues to grow, accomplishments like opening the new Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge is another important milestone to celebrate and fuels our ongoing efforts to establish seamless connections between our waterfront and Downtown. Our continued investments in our infrastructure and pedestrian pathways will allow generations of commuters, families, and visitors the ability to navigate and enjoy a seamlessly connected Seattle for years to come," said Mayor Bruce Harrell. "Our waterfront is a critical entryway to our beautiful city, our downtown neighborhoods, and the region. From the construction of our new Waterfront Park to the new Pioneer Square Habitat Beach, to Elliott Way that connects to Belltown and the new pedestrian bridge and elevator at Union connecting Waterfront Park to Western Avenue, and now the Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge—we've come a long way in creating a world class waterfront that is more accessible and safe for visitors and residents that call Seattle home." “The opening of the new Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge marks an important milestone in improving connectivity between Colman Dock, Waterfront Park, and downtown Seattle. The new bridge provides a pleasant, safe, and accessible pedestrian experience and it’s also a perfect vantage point to view the ongoing construction of our new world class Waterfront Park! We are excited to share this new bridge with the public and look forward to completing more amazing waterfront projects over the next year and a half,” says Angela Brady, Director of the Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects. The City has been working in very close coordination with the Washington State Department of Transportation over the last several years to collectively sequence construction of work activities including construction of the new Alaskan Way roadway (and underground utilities), new transit-only lanes, a new protected 2-way bike facility, a Park Promenade, the Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge, and a new Colman Dock, all while maintaining access to and from the ferry terminal and along Alaskan Way at one of the busiest transportation hubs in the city. Construction in the area is expected to continue for at least another year, however much progress has been made to date. “Opening the new Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge is the next major milestone for the Colman Dock Project,” said David Sowers, Terminal Engineering Director for Washington State Ferries. “This improved access means that ferry passengers can travel seamlessly between 1st Ave and our terminal.” Sowers also noted that the WSF temporary walkway would also now be closed, allowing crews to begin removal of the temporary structure over the vehicle holding lanes. Construction of the Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge began in July 2022, replacing a temporary bridge that has been in use since the removal of the Alaskan Way Viaduct in 2019. The new permanent bridge that spans over Alaskan Way is 16 feet wide, three feet wider than the original structure, offering more space for foot traffic entering and exiting the ferry terminal. It is a cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete bridge with architectural details including V-shaped columns and handrails along the bridge deck. In addition to boasting a wider walkway, the new bridge offers better lighting both above and below the bridge, which improves visibility and nighttime travel along the waterfront. "The original Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge was narrow and cramped beneath the Alaskan Way Viaduct. As WSDOT's work along Seattle's waterfront finishes up, it's gratifying to see this much more elegant bridge open, which will serve as a pathway, a vantage point for waterfront views, and a landmark along the new Alaskan Way," says Omar Jepperson, Program Administrator for WSDOT’s SR 520 & Alaskan Way Viaduct Programs. “The Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge creates a safe, accessible pedestrian connection to Colman Dock, the waterfront, and downtown for visitors and residents alike. This is a major Waterfront Park project that has come to life. It is thrilling to see future Waterfront Park taking shape from that perfect vantage point on the bridge. Opening in 2025, it will be a world class 20-acre linear park reconnecting locals to the beauty of the Salish Sea, downtown, neighborhoods, and one another,” says Joy Shigaki, President & CEO of Friends of Waterfront Seattle. The new Marion Street Pedestrian Bridge is part of a series of improved east-west pedestrian connections between downtown Seattle and the waterfront. Other projects include the Union Street Pedestrian Bridge which opened late last year, the Overlook Walk which will provide a critical connection between the Pike Place Market and Waterfront Park’s new Promenade, Pioneer Square Street Improvements (set to begin construction in January) and Pike Pine Streetscape and Bicycle Improvements, which has been under construction since early 2023. The entire Waterfront Seattle Program, including the new Waterfront Park, is expected to be complete in 2025.



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