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2020 Election Results Update

My goal is to keep our readers informed about various topics. We are extremely proud of the Black community showing-up and showing-out! There is power when we unite for change. With that said, continue reading for a general overview of state and national results from the 2020 Election.


Elected President: Joe Biden-- 46th elected presidential candidate (Democrat)

Elected Vice President: Kamala Harris (Democrat)

First Black woman to serve under a presidential role. First woman to serve under a presidential role. First Historical Black College/University (HBCU) graduate to serve under a presidential role. In short, history in the making!


Governor: Jay Inslee (Democrat)

Responsible for implementing state laws and overseeing the state executive branch. Specifically creating and enforcing policies ordered within state jurisdictions.

House of Representatives: 7 to 3 democrat majority.

Serving a two year term, congressmen or congresswomen are responsible for representing specific districts. Among other responsibilities, introduce bills (which can eventually become laws) and resolutions. They also can serve on federal or state committees.


1)DelBene 2) Larsen

6) Kilmer 7) Jayapal

8) Schrier 9) Smith

10) Strickland


3) Herrera Beutler 4) Newhouse 5) McMorris Rodger

Senate: Cantwell (Democrat)

Among many imperative responsibilities, Senators serve to confirm the appointment of the president, legislate bills to become laws, and protect the rights of individual states.

Please remember to hold each and every elected official ACCOUNTABLE! Not one of these elected officials listed above have explicitly stated their commitment and prioritization to Black Liberation. Specifically:

1) Freeing our Black children and adults out of cages a.k.a jails and prisons; especially those who have received cruel and unusual punishments-- stated in the 8th amendment-- and were wrongfully accused of crimes they did not commit.

2) Punishing those who murder and kill Black people. Like the murders of Charleena Lyles (Seattle, 2017), Yvonne Mcdonald (Olympia, 2018), and others in Washington and across the U.S.

3) PAY THE FEE-- a demand King County Equity Now established-- so we can reclaim the communities (like the CD) which we built! Also, this country that we built for free -- in the words of Angela Rye. Those against Black Liberation recognize the power in owning our own property and land. This is why reparations have yet to be given to descendents of slaves.

REMEMBER, when we show-up and show-out, ANYTHING can happen!

Source: “Washington 2020 House Election Results.” CNN, Cable News Network, 2020,



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