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Chardonnay Beaver - Words of Wisdom Black Women

Black Women Black Women

For centuries, Black women haven’t had the luxury to just be a woman because of our identity as Black people. I find it necessary to identify such because Black women are suffering from debilitating ideals of who they should be, who they should show-up as, and how they should lead. Images that promote such ideals include, but aren’t limited to: the strong Black woman, the angry Black woman, the jezebel, and the mammy. Today, the most deceptive image is the strong Black woman.

To elaborate, the strong Black woman is hard-working, motivated, and independent. However, she’s also self-sufficient, self-sacrificing, and prioritizes her needs last. The strong

Black women complex is deceptive because it’s often enforced to counter stereotypical portrayal of Black women; yet, this complex is impossible to sustain because there's no room for failure, self-care, and honest healing.

For that reason, some Black women suffer from crippling



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