Cynthia Bascomb-Jones, Our hearts are broken forever.

In Loving Memory

Cynthia Bascomb-Jones

Our hearts are broken forever.

People tell us that in time the pieces will eventually come back together.

If this is true, though hard to believe now, there will always be a space,

The piece to which has your name on its place.

Tears have been falling now for so long.

When we think of your beautiful face, it all seems so wrong.

You had so much to look forward to and so much left to do,

But God needed somebody in heaven who is as special as you.

Nothing is the same now, and we doubt it ever will be.

You have been released from pain and suffering; you have been set free.

Your story has touched people, all ages, near and far.

On the night you were taken from us, in the sky was a lone twinkling star.

Was that you to tell us that you had reached home now?

And from life as we knew it, it was time for you to take your final bow.

We miss your voice, your infectious laugh and hearing you sing.

Fashion you loved, and now you have new accessories - a pair of angel's wings.

The world has lost a wonderful girl, a true and amazing friend.

But maybe her goodness was needed to help and from heaven she needed to send.

You are always around us, engulfing us with your love,

Giving us strength, keeping us close, and watching over us from above.

The Bascomb family of Cynthia Bascomb-Jones wishes to thank all of her friends and acquaintances for their sincere and loving expressions of condolences and sympathy through phone calls; cards, letters; texts; Facebook and every form of communication possible. Out of the 13 children of Frank and Flora Bascomb, 8 remain:: Deanna; Winnie; Frank Jr; Gordy; Cleo; Wayne; Stanley and Angela ( the deceased) are: Audrey; Camillia; Erdman; Cynthia and Paul. Included in this Tribute are a host of nieces, nephews and extended family members both near and far. Together we send out a heartfelt THANK YOU and may God Bless and keep you all safe during these most difficult times. Due to the ongoing pandemic concerns Cynthia’s memorial service is pending.