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Find the Beat, Get In Rhythm

Learn why the dance of disciplined living yields rewards.

By Chardonnay Beaver Have you ever stopped to hear music playing at a distance? The moment you stop and listen, you pause with hope that you’ll recognize the tune. The drum percussion or moody tone have sounds familiar and caught your attention. You find yourself attempting to find the steady beat and, eventually, you get into the rhythm of the song.

At the moment, nothing seems more satisfying than your brain pairing the song you hear with the collection of music housed in your brain. That beat, that pause, and that rhythm leads you to pairing the cursority of a song with the reality of what was playing… music to my ears.

In many ways, learning the dance of discipline mirrors this process.

In theory, discipline is linked with punishment and enforced obedience. According to an article about training children's behavior, the purpose of punishment is to inflict a penalty for an offense, yet the purpose of discipline is to train for correction and maturity.

The dance of discipline strays for the concept of punishment and penalty. Rather, the dance of discipline suggests that discipline is the practice of mastering healthy habits to yield long-term rewards – but, just like dancing, it takes time to learn each step.

Words of Wisdom by Char of the Week: The first move to the dance of discipline is strategizing a method that will work for your lifestyle. Discipline isn’t about comfort, it’s about sacrifice. What are you willing to sacrifice in order to yield rewards? Proverbs 12:1



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