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On the 4th day in January, year 2012, former Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland, signed the Moorish American Holy Week Proclamation for the Moorish American Community. This proclamation professed the knowledge of the existence of an aboriginal people that dwelled on the land of the milk and honey, modernly known as Tacoma. This knowledge further explained “Luthia”, the oldest remains found in the Americas, being of “African descent”. As we near the 10-year anniversary of this proclamation, it is with much pride and hope that the Moorish American community bring forth enlightenment and prosperity to our ancient dwellings to strengthen ties and develop an innerstanding of the Moorish people of this territory and those that presently reside on the land.

Moorish Palace Chicago World Fair 1893

It is no secret the public mockery that has been made of “sovereign citizens” and those

claiming to be “Moorish Nationals”. It is far time the Moorish American community speak on these false claims to close the gaps of confusion and bring forth truth so that many will have a better knowledge of the mentally enslaved history-line of the Moors in America and the foundation their ancestors placed on all of humanity. In 1777 the UNITED STATES declared their Independence from Great Britain, while this brought prosperity to Europeans, it is never mentioned who recognized them to be a Nation. Barack Obama even mentions, “The first nation to recognize my country, was Morocco”. In 1787 the Empire of Morocco wrote a Treaty allowing the UNITED STATES to take Nation status on the land of the Americas. As time progressed, the intention of those occupying the land became clear thus, Peace and Friendship was never honored.

In 1935 Delaware Revised Code 2631 Section 9 equates “Moors” as “Indians” and commits to providing funding for school-teachers, separate from “white” schools and “colored” schools. It was during these times that many interchanged Moor with Indian. Because of this, Philadelphia passed House Bill 75 in 1933 stating that Moors had a right to go back to their tribal names being Bey, Dey, El, Al, and Ali. Over the next 75 years this history fell on deaf ears and transformed into public jokes of “blackamoors” and sovereign citizen ideology. From 1950-1970 Moors had an “M” on their identification to indicate they were Moors, only to be changed to “other” in 1972. (Chapter 367 Formerly House Bill No. 345).

In ancient times, Washington territory was known as Palouse El Pais (Country of Palouse) as it was unincorporated and combined with what is modernly known as Oregon, Idaho, Montana and some small parts of Canada and California. As this information is slowly being brought to light we ask for support, love and honoring of our ancient culture and ways. While some may find the head pieces interesting or may mistake them as hats, they tie us back to our ancestor’s royal lineage. A fez was to be worn as a symbol of respect for the creator of life, the woman. The turban was to protect the pineal gland. In 1937, Supreme Court Chief Justice William M. Maltbie affirmed, “A Fez is no hat and so it may be worn in court”, Supreme Court Chief Justice William M. Maltbie of Hartford, Conn. 1937.

Members of our community can be recognized by the ancient flag of the Americas, being red with a green pentagram star, affixed to any of our private property. This very flag was adopted by the Kingdom of Morocco in 1956. “We are pleased and proud to have the Moorish Community as one of the bridges between Morocco and the United States as a new voice in the network of our longstanding relationship”, Moroccan Ambassador Maati Jorio 1986. We want to extend our hand in love as we begin rebuilding this pure and clean nation. The streets need cleaning, and the neighborhoods need help. Our goal is to provide food, shelter, and education as Human Rights requires for every human and citizen alike, regardless of their status as a Moorish American or US Citizen. Our greatest plea is that we be treated on the same footing as others, acknowledging our differences. The Pledge of Allegiance expressly states; “and to the Republic for which it stands, One nation, Under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL”. The Moorish American Community is calling on all citizens public and private and public servants to respect, honor and treat us as we treat you, in Peace and Friendship, regardless of race, nationality, religion, sexual preference, disability, etc.

While these lines have been blurred for many years, it is important to note the Moorish American people honor the laws of the land, any suggestion that we are hostile or dangerous is disrespectful considering all our ancestors did to bring banking, mathematics, astrology, science, numerology, and masonry to the dark ages. We are more than a news reel distraction-- we are love, truth, peace, freedom and justice.

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