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Main Character EnergyLearn why your lived experiences develops our character

By Chardonnay BeaverAccording to an article published in Vogue, main character energy is equated to being the protagonist in a film or novel. I

A creative way to romanticize your lifestyle, prevalent to social media culture. Although main character's energy thrives on social media platforms, what does it look like to implement this concept in your daily life when the notifications are silenced and your followers aren’t watching?Sometimes I feel like my life is a movie. Perhaps 2022 felt like a scene from a horror film for you and your family. Maybe 2022 felt like a coming-of-age story, watching yourself and those around you develop. At the end of 2023, considering what you ‘can’ control, what genre do you want this year to be categorized as? In 2023, I challenge you to adopt the perspective that views every experience as a training ground for character development. Delegate the time necessary this year to become, and unbecome, so you'll possess the vital characteristics to achieve all God has for you. Words of Wisdom by Char of the Week: Life lessons resurface throughout experiences to develop our character. Romans 5:4



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