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Survey: Help plan bus service changes in Cap Hill, Central District, First Hill and Madison Valley


King County Metro is exploring changes and improvements to bus routes 10, 11, 12, and 47 in the Madison Street area so riders can better connect to transit and get to where they need to go. We want to hear from you on bus service in the communities surrounding this transit corridor.


Changes to service in this area will support Metro’s future RapidRide G Line, developed in partnership with the Seattle Department of Transportation.

Currently at 50 percent of construction, the RapidRide G Line is slated to begin service in late 2024. It will bring more frequent and reliable bus service along the Madison Street corridor between Madison Valley (Madison and Martin Luther King, Jr. Way) and downtown Seattle.

Goals for the Madison Street Area-Bus Service Change Project are to:

· Improve mobility for priority populations – Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), low-and-no income people, immigrants, refugees, limited- English speaking populations and people with disabilities.

· Equitably inform, engage, and empower communities and major employers.

· Improve bus service to better meet the needs of riders and communities.

· Redesign service around the new RapidRide G Line service.

When the restructure is completed, riders will see

  • Faster, more frequent service with the RapidRide G Line operating every 6-minutes on weekdays and Saturdays

  • Reduced duplication of service. With the new RapidRide G Line and other Metro routes not competing for the same riders.

  • Improved connections for riders along Madison Street to important destinations such as First Hill Hospitals, and other public transportation options such as the Seattle streetcar, Metro buses, Washington State Ferries, and water taxis.

To help Metro make decisions on route changes, we want to hear from riders and members of the community about these proposed changes. Please take our survey and share your thoughts! The survey goes through May 8. You can access the survey at

Community feedback through this first phase of engagement, along with equity analyses and service design best practices will be analyzed, summarized, and reviewed by the project team to determine what bus network changes will move forward into the final round of engagement later this year.


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