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The Path That I Now Walk

(Spoken Word) by Chardonnay Beaver

The path that I now walk hasn’t always been what it appears to be

Listen closely and you’ll hear

Songs of sorrow and gospel weeps that resound in heaven

For they prayed for me

Oh look

Please do look closely

Do you see the footmarks that lie beneath my feet?

Those aren’t mine, yet they’ve been leading me

Fields of evergreen were once magnolia trees

Sweet and fresh

Some raved, until Billie Holiday

pointed out the sudden smell of burning flesh

That floated along the airways

Provoking these footmarks to multiple

For the chance to feel the rays of brighter days

Alas, the path was paved

The price was paid

Fear had stopped

Fights were fought

The present is not

The past

But where my feet stand

Where I walk along this path

Is not the aftermath

It's the answer to the equation

And I am the proof

That resilience

Plus fight

Times faith

Equals me

I am my ancestor’s wildest dreams

Know that this path I now walk is a continuation of history

The fulfillment of their legacy

This Path

I Now



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