because my neighbor Lee says that after ten months of coronavirus lockdown seniors need a message of hope. As the great Sam Cooke would say, "what a wonderful world this would be." Hang on seniors, for the next few weeks we are in the position to change the world. Some of these achievements are ground breaking but others like the Georgia Senate run off elections have been generations in the making.

1. The COVID-19 VACCINE clinical trials have been so successful that we are expecting federal approval and an initial rollout by December. This is huge. Two separate companies are seeking drug approval. The vaccines will be started in a tiered process with doctors and nurses first, then first responders, then seniors in long term care and so forth. People who have had the vaccine report mild flu-like symptoms for 24 hours. Seniors these vaccines could save our lives. In an effort to show their support for both the vaccines and the public, three former Presidents have volunteered to receive their COVID-19 vaccine in public. Soon we will see Presidents Obama, Clinton and Bush taking one for the team.

2. GEORGIA SENATE RACE RUNOFFS: Today Republicans hold the Senate majority by just two votes. So we need to two more seats. In Georgia candidates for two Senate seats failed to received a 50% majority. We have the chance to make history and balance the Senate by electing the two Democrat candidates, Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. On January 5, Georgia will hold a runoff election and we need a winning game plan. Republicans are pouring money into the Georgia Senate runoffs. We can help Reverend Warnock and Jon Ossoff by donating as little as $5. Rally your houses of worship, book clubs, and friends to elect both Reverend Warnock at and Jon Ossoff at

3. TRUMP MAY NOT BE ABLE TO ELIMINATE OBAMA CARE. As reported by CNN, "The Trump administration and several Republican-led states are asking the court to strike down the law, 10 years after it was passed, potentially impacting millions of Americans." That's right, on his way out Trump is still trying to eliminate Obama Care but it looks like the Supreme Court is not going to do it. Fingers crossed, this decision will be released in the next few weeks.