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Wow by Char ~ Outgrowing


The most transformative stages of growth

By Chardonnay Beaver

One of the most transformative stages of growth is outgrowing.

Like children who outgrow their shoes and clothes, plant root systems outgrow their pots when cramped overtime. Though the plant may be flourishing above the surface, its roots are becoming heavier and denser. Overtime, this snugged, tight space that once held the roots together has become the very thing that inhibits the plant’s growth.

If your life is a garden, and you are a plant, where are you currently rooted? What environment, practices, relationships, and behaviors have you outgrown? Might I add, being homegrown is wonderful, but are you blossoming where you are planted?

These questions aren’t reasons for us to escape our current commitments. These questions are intended to provoke introspection.

If living a fruitful life isn’t a virtue you desire, the following statements won’t apply to you.

Living a fruitful life requires us to remain, return, or move towards wherever God is calling us to bloom. Majority of the time those environments aren’t comfortable, but they're promising. Whether you’re a lemon tree that takes almost a decade to bloom; or a peach tree that blooms in 2-3 years, remain faithful to your process of development.

We can always count on the seasons changing, Spring’s arrival proves what survived autumn’s rain and winter’s cold weather.

If plants weren’t created for pots, and fruits weren’t created for trees, your growth isn’t simply for your benefit. For this reason, where, when and why we’re in certain environments matter.

Words of Wisdom by Char of The Week: Outgrowing is one stage of growth to consider. At the same time, I urge us to evaluate areas of our lives that need more care; places that need to be watered with love or honesty. Psalms 1:3



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