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The Soldier's PostureHere’s why we must master submission

LeBron James is, by far, one of the greatest athletes to walk the face of the earth. His longevity, phil-anthropic ventures, and creative endeavors furthers his impact from on to off the basketball court. However, I would argue that these attributes aren’t what makes his greatness remarkable. According to a CNN article, James keeps his billion-dollar body in shape thanks to Mike Mancias, his trainer of two decades. He is a powerful force of talent; but, power without boundaries results in chaos.

James, aware of his skills and commitment to advancing his career, pays Mancias over a million dol-lars a year to train him. Why? Because greatness without authority and accountability is unruly. The key to greatness is submission.

Although none of us are LeBron James, we can all take notes from his strategy for excellence. Similar to a soldier, one of the best postures is that of submission. In ancient times, kneeling was deemed as a sign of humility. Despite the strength of the soldier, they recognize the posture of a kneel to symbolize great character.

Submission looks like obedience without dispute, trust, and alignment of values. Many are resistant to submission because it’s become synonymous with control, manipulation, or subordination. I would argue that context is everything, to which this form of submission is in an unhealthy context. Submission, when in a healthy context, looks like yielding to the knowledge of those in authority because it furthers your capacity for greatness. Those in authority must possess the characteristics worth submitting to. Some examples may include: the teacher and the student, the coach and the ath-lete, the wise elder and the curious youth.

Words of Wisdom by Char of the Week: Whether we know it or not, we’re all submitted to something– be mindful of what and who you’re submitting to. What values, principles, social groups, and prac-tices are you entrusting your greatness with? Job 22:21



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