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Dinner Table Convo

THIS IS GOING TO BE A TYPICAL DINNER TABLE CONVERSATION. My father used to say that if we had six people at our table we had six different conversations going. For this column we will bring my dad back and let him do the talking. He is up in heaven now and he is worried we aren't seeing the big picture.

DAD, WHY ARE YOU SO UPSET? Why? Well because I can't believe we let the Coronavirus get so out of hand. Do you know that in the U.S. alone over 300,000 people have died from COVID-19? That's three hundred thousand families effected which is bad enough but then the CDC figured out that eight out of every ten deaths was a senior, someone over sixty. Think about that, do the numbers, eight out of ten well that's 80% right? To get a clear idea of what Coronavirus has done to seniors, ask what is 80% of 300,000? The answer is we have lost 240,000 grandmothers, grandfathers and seniors in this country, in ten months.

BUT WE ARE WORKING ON IT DAD, WE WEAR MASKS NOW. Don't you be telling me every one of you is wearing your mask and avoiding gatherings. I'm up here in heaven, I can see you. You want me to believe you stayed home at Thanksgiving and you avoided gatherings? If that's true then why 13 days later did we have 3,000 new COVID-19 deaths on one single day? You either have to change your ways or find yourselves a cure.

WE DID THAT DAD, WE HAVE A CORONAVIRUS VACCINE. Well now, that is good news if the people understand how important it is. I've been watching England. They had that same vaccine a week earlier. This is how it works. The vaccine must be kept very cold, it needs to be stored at minus 70 Celsius. Each person receives two shots twenty-one days apart. There are several manufacturers and they all are proving to be over 90% effective. You are going to want to protect your doctors and nurses first, then seniors in care facilities, then maybe your first responders and right up near the top of the list, you need to vaccinate and protect your seniors. You make sure you get on that list. Get your two shots. The U.S. can't be having 3,000 COVID deaths a day and sending them up here to heaven. Your generation is causing overcrowding in heaven and I'm tired of it.