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In Loving Memory of Alexei Selivanoff

Alexei Selivanoff sunrise on April 21, 1992, in Renton, Washington, and sunset on January 24, 2024.


Alexei had a booming personality that would take over any room he entered and now that room is HEAVEN. His soul is home.

Each of us comes into this world for a purpose, ultimately that purpose is to give and receive love, to move closer to the light in each of us.  Even when there is darkness, there is also light – Alex was a beautiful light for his family, and he will be forever missed.

Alex truly cared about the people around him.  There was a deep sincerity in his words. If he loved you, you felt that love. He was kind and respectful. He showed great care and appreciation, especially with the mothers in his life.

He was an entertainer. He was creative, a fashionista – he loved music and a big entrance. Alex kept his dreams, even when they seemed out of reach. 

Alex’s smile lit up the room. When we think of him, we think of his smile.  It was contagious; Alex could make you smile, even if you were mad at him. His smile never changed from when he was a child; that smile lives on in his son King.

Alexei is survived by his son King Selivanoff, his sister Alexis Lane, his brothers, Brandon Lane, Zachariah Selivanoff, Nicholas Selivanoff, Philip Selivanoff and his parents, Shrounda Selivanoff and Peter Alexei Selivanoff and many more loved ones.

Viewing February 10, 2024 10:00-10:45 

Service 11:00 am 

Church by the Side of the Road

3455 S 148th St

Tukwila, Wa 98168


Rest in peace son.