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In Loving Memory of Kenneth Vassar

In Loving Memory of Kenneth Vassar

Kenneth Vassar, father, son, brother, and friend died on Wednesday, May 13, 2020. Kenny was born May 16, 1948 in Seattle and grew up in the Central District near Garfield High School, from which he graduated. While the women in his life were numerous, he loved his mama Eva Lenora Vassar, who passed away three years, ago above all. Madear steadfastly stood by him even though, as he used to say, he lived the first part of his life fast and hard. Both his brother TJ Vassar and his father Thomas Vassar predeceased him.

In his late 30s, Kenny finally kicked his heroin habit alone in Madear’s ancestral home in Pine Hollow, Oklahoma.  

Kenny loved visiting the country in Oklahoma. He spent his summers as a boy with Big Mama, his maternal grandmother. While trying to get his life stabilized, he relied on the counsel and teachings of his uncle Booker Jones. For the past twenty years, while in the country, he attended Mt. Zion Church faithfully, sang hymns, and enjoyed the company of the large Jones family. Pine Hollow was his sanctuary, it calmed him, helped him to focus, and gave him strength.

After overcoming his early challenges, Kenny followed his life’s dream and attended college. He spent the second half of his life giving back to others and became a gifted drug counselor. Kenny was always willing to help friends in need, family who needed guidance through hard times, and strangers who leaned on his experience and advice. His charming smile and sense of humor brightened the day of anyone who bumped into him. Kenny is survived by his children: Kenny, Felicia, Kara, Kenyada, Brian, and Sarah, seven grandchildren, and many cousins, siblings, nieces, and nephews.



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