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Senior Older and Wiser By June Michel

IT’S NOW OR NEVER, remember this Elvis song? The song says “tomorrow may be too late” we have all received our official ballots and election day is November 2, so let’s vote Seniors. For over a year you have been angry about what’s going on in the city, so let’s vote. control 50 million votes in the country SO LET’S VOTE.

OPEN YOUR BLUE OFFICIAL BALLOT ENVELOPE pull out the ballot and look for the blue box entitled begin voting here. The first three items are advisory votes. An advisory vote tells the legislature whether you do or do not favor a tax they passed in the last legislative session. REPEALED means you don’t favor the new tax. MAINTAINED means you do favor it.

ADVISORY VOTE #36 is a tax on telephone lines to raise funds to address suicide prevention. If you are against it, mark your ballot Repealed, if you are for it, mark your ballot Maintained.

ADVISORY VOTE #37 is hugely controversial. This is a capital gains tax. No matter how you paint it its an income tax on capital gains over $250K. This barely squeaked by the Senate with 25 Yeas and 24 Nays. The controversy arises by this looking like a back door approach to creating a state income tax without the vote of the people. If you are against this, mark your ballot Repealed. If you are for the State income tax in #37 mark your ballot Maintained.

ADVISORY VOTE #38 this is a small tax on captive insurers. Passed in the Senate Yeas 49, Nays 0. Again against it, mark your ballot Repealed, for it, mark your ballot Maintained.

KING COUNTY Charter Amendment #1: This is not a tax. This amendment will broaden our stated purposes to include good things like equitable government, protection of the environment and promoting a superior quality of life. Easy vote. Yes.

KING COUNTY Charter Amendment #2: Easy vote. Should they comply with state law? Yes.

KING COUNTY EXECUTIVE: I cannot speak highly enough of our incumbent King County Executive Dow Constantine. He has been a steady hand at the helm, fights for all of us, he is not controversial, he is a plain-spoken leader. Vote for Dow Constantine.

Vote for your judges and Port Commissioners and turn the ballot over for City elections.

CITY OF SEATTLE MAYOR: I agree with my readers, we need a change in Seattle. For that reason, I endorse Bruce Harrell. I have watched the debates between Harrell and González and I prefer Bruce Harrell’s well reasoned approach to housing the homeless and safety in our streets. He has promised to include our voices in guiding the city. Easy vote.

SEATTLE CITY ATTORNEY: Tough choice between Kennedy and Davison.

SEATTLE CITY COUNCIL #8: If you really want to vote for change, vote for Wilson.

SEATTLE CITY COUNCIL #9: Both would be new voices on the council. I like Nelson's local business experience. Oliver is a real advocate.

That’s it. Choose your school officials, remember to sign the red and white envelope and either mail your ballot or drop it an official drop box. No postage stamp required.




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