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Exude Gratitude: Serve Those In Need This Holidays

On Friday November 20, 2020, I witnessed as various community members were served boxes of fresh veggies with pure kindness at The Church of The Good Shepherd Episcopal Church located in Federal Way, WA. No one was turned-away, denied or disregarded. Moreover, social distancing orders were enacted, as everyone wore a mask! I then thought to myself this is what indiscriminable service looks like, how might I assist in this process? The organizations that are responsible for such are Hip Hop is Green (HHIG) and Plant Based Food Share (PBFS).

Founded in Seattle in 2009, HHIS is a national organization that has been a leader in the plant-based Hip Hop movement. To date, HHIG has served more than 8,000 plant-based meals to youth and families. In addition to HHIG, Plant Based Food Share (PBFS) is a

Community Food Program that provides plant-based healthy food boxes to Seattle area families facing food insecurity. They serve low-income, underserved urban communities who live in food deserts and include: Black American, Indigenous, Latinx, & Black, Brown, and Indigenous children, families, elders, and domestic violence victims.

Ariel Bangs, a local chef, culinary anthropologist, educator, food justice activist and healing-through-food advocate is the great mind behind PBFS, their Executive Director. They began their journey when Bangs witnessed the need to offer healthy plant based food boxes to the urban communities simultaneous to the outbreak of COVID-19 in March. Since then, they have given over 400 boxes with over 4,500 pounds of food, along with masks and hand sanitizer. PBFS is meeting the needs of others through acts of service.

During these unforeseen times, it seems more convenient to complain about what we do not have or are in need of. However, gratitude is a state of being that reminds us to first want what we have before acquiring what is yet ours. To that point, I want to recognize Chef Bangs, PBFS volunteers, and HHIG for their commitment to service and food justice education within

Black and Brown communities in the Pacific Northwest. This holiday, please seek to recognize and serve others. This may include: offering to buy groceries for an elder, sending a holiday card to a widow, giving that unused gift card to a single parent, and simply helping someone you do not know. Humble yourself because you never know when you’ll be the individual seeking assistance. All in all, happy holidays and God bless!

To support or collaborate with Chef Bangs, feel free to email

To Donate to Plant Based Food Share:

Venmo: @plantbasedfoodshare PayPal:

Ongoing Donations: Patreon:

To volunteer please fill out this form:


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