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Fally Tyson, Longtime Seattle Resident and Entrepreneur, Dies at 79

Fally James Tyson was born in Rodessa, Louisiana and raised in Bremerton. He started in real estate at a young age by purchasing the house next door. He served his country in the National Guard, then moved to Seattle where he cooked at the Olympic Hotel. He subsequently purchased two apartment buildings, including the Madkin. He was the founder and owner of Reliable Man Cleaning Service.

Mr. Tyson, a lifetime member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, was loved for his positive impact on the community. He mentored youth, teaching them valuable life skills. Many nieces and nephews found their first home at the Madkin, and their first job with Uncle Fally. He had varied interests, including cars, motorcycles, boating, cooking, and roller skating. He was faithful to his God, his family, and his friends. He will be missed by family members, friends, and associates.