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Happy 21st Birthday Kenny Williams

Kenny, I love you. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Every time I look at my son it's an image of you. It breaks me down, I hope you're looking down proud of us.

♥ Love Kenricca

Please watch over my only son and daughter truth and Trezure, so we can continue to keep it lit on your day (November 26th) and every day after. I love you little bro and miss you every second that passes.

♥ Love Rah-Asia

Happy birthday my brotha, time has been so long yet it feels like we were just laughing and joking yesterday. When I think of you I remember only good times, so it's only right to keep it lit and stay going hard for you. Love you, bro, keep watching over us and enjoy this one with us.

♥ Love Dominick

Happy birthday, Kenny, it's your big 21. Wish you could be here to celebrate.

♥ Love MyNique

Happy birthday, big bro! you made thanksgiving fun, I honestly don't like Thanksgiving without


♥ Love Kentrell

This world ain't the same without you bro. Wish you could see my son.

Please look over us until we meet again. Love you forever, little bro.

♥ Love Andre

It's crazy out here without you Kenny, really missing you down here,

but we are gonna keep your name lit. Love you, happy birthday big bro!

♥ Love Maurice

Happy birthday Kenny, love and you a lot. Very grateful to have gotten to be as close as

I was with you. Still to this day, you live through me.

♥ Love Brei Brei

Happy birthday, cousin, although you are gone from sight you will always be in my heart. I love you forever.

♥ Love Jayla

Happy birthday big bro, love you all forever. Please watch over my son.

♥ Love DeAndre



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