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The GRAY Zone Learn why your commitments can’t include negotiation

Some people prefer to view life through a practical, decisive lens. Their decisions are either one or the other, black or white, up or down, but no in betweens. Although this isn’t the only approach towards commitment, this lens on life illustrates unadulterated commitment. This type of commitment can’t include negotiation.

We live in a generation that embraces the gray zone. Originally a conflict management discipline developed in warfare, the gray zone is the metaphorical place between war and peace.

How the gray zone is now used to describe an unfavorable phase of dating, I’m not too sure. However, the gray zone is often an unfavorable status, in general, because it’s hazy. The gray zone should be renamed the hazy zone.

The problem with the embracement of this discipline is the anti-commitment attitude it fosters. Individuals become content with living lives that negotiate change. We’ve built a culture that prioritizes our feelings over fulfillment.

Commitment is defined by the quality of being dedicated. We have to commit to principles and practices that give our lives meaning. When making a choice to dedicate oneself to a cause, they simultaneously alienate other options. Similarly, choosing to live a life in the gray zone alienates individuals from fulfilling their purpose. Living in a generation that embraces the gray zone means we live in a generation that approves living in haze.

In the words of Malcolm X, “stand for something or fall for anything.”

Words of Wisdom by Char of the Week: The gray zone is a dangerous place to live. Wake-up and commit to causes that fulfill you and better your community. Joshua 24:15



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