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This year we are celebrating Thanksgiving during a time of combined crisis

But as the great Sam Cook said, ITS BEEN A LONG TIME COMING. BUT I KNOW, A CHANGE IS GONNA COME. So here are my top ten reasons to be thankful:

1. JOE BIDEN never gave up and seniors voted in greater number than ever before.

2. If you are a senior and reading this column you are alive, lucky and so far, have dodged the bullet. In September the CDC reported that 8 out of 10 deaths related to COVID-19 in the United States have been among adults aged 65 years and older.

3. Both Phizer and Moderna have developed vaccines with 90% and 95% effectiveness. The vaccines are in the final stages of testing.

4. Lucira Health, of California has developed a single use home coronavirus test kit that will give you results in 30 minutes. The kits will be available next Spring at an estimated cost of $50. Not that long ago, people were waiting ten days for test results.

5. Closer to home, after 50 years of negotiations Mayor Jenny Durkan and the City of Seattle have transferred legal title to the property on which the Central District Senior Center is located to the Central District Senior Center membership.

6. There is still the chance that by electing two Democrat senators in Georgia's January election we can balance the U.S. Senate and get much needed help for seniors.

7. We have elected the first ever female Vice President of the United States and Kamala Harris is a brilliant Black woman.

8. Washington is in our second lock down and this time we can still purchase toilet paper in local stores.

9. During the lockdown we can stay safe at home and still visit with family via cell phone and internet sites like Zoom.

10. There is a new app called My COVID Risk that helps you understand how great a risk you are running by going to the mall, the gym, a house of worship or a friend's house. It's a great tool designed by Brown Alpert Medical School, Center for Digital Health. But to use it for a family gathering you will want to use "going to a friend's house." If you are going for Thanksgiving even though you wore a mask in the car since everyone will be taking off their masks to dine you will get a true risk level by saying zero percent wearing masks. Here is the link

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, please stay safe and well.



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