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Congrats to Lorrita Williams jersey retirement

On January 30, 2024, Garfield High School and the community celebrated the retirement of Lorrita Williams’ basketball jersey (# 26). Lorrita Williams is one of the original stars of girls’ basketball at Garfield High School. The Metro League first allowed girls to compete in basketball in the fall of 1972, and Lorrita played for the girls’ varsity team during all four of her high school years at Garfield: from 1975 to 1978. 
The celebration occurred during half-time of the Garfield boys’ game against O’Dea last Tuesday, with Lorrita’s former classmate Zelda Francois reminiscing about their decision to attend Garfield over private school. Former teammate Marlene Williams also spoke at the ceremony, remembering Lorrita’s contributions to the girls’ team and her tenacity on the court. Lorrita’s former jersey # 26 now hangs above the doors as you enter the Garfield main gym next to the score board.Lorrita also shared some words of appreciation for leaders at Garfield and the community for recognizing her contributions to youth development and basketball. She gave a shout out to Emijah Smith, for organizing the event. Lorrita continues to train, coach, and mentor youth in basketball and life in the Central District, and shared some words of inspiration for all the aspiring players in attendance: stay in school and get an education; believe in yourself; and stay humble, respectful, and be kind. Many friends and family members came out to join the celebration, including several current and former players Lorrita has coached. Lorrita now spends her time as “Coach W” and trains the future basketball stars. Her current team, which she coaches at the local YMCA, is called “The Future.” Those players were there in full force to cheer her on as she walked on the court!