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Embracing Alterations

What does the fabric of your character reveal about you?

By Chardonnay Beaver

Growing up in a family of four children, my mom was our seamstress. She often used her hair weaving skills as a beautician to alter our clothing. All she ever needed was her sewing needle and thread. Boom, in less than 5 minutes our frayed clothing was renewed.

The truth is: she was adamant that the buttons on our polo collared school uniforms remained in place until the end of the school year.

Years later, I utilized her seamstress skills to repair some of my clothing and accessories.

Similar to altering clothing, I recognize the alterations in our character. Some need to stitch integrity into the fabric of their character. While others need to unravel the thread of pettiness in the fabric of their character.

One of the threads I had to unravel from my character was perfectionism.

This thread often goes undetected, yet highly rewarding. I ensured that every “t” was crossed and every “i” was dotted. I prided myself on being ambitious and persistent.

Perfectionists are thorough, precise, completion-oriented and occasional procrastinators. Perfectionism is a character flaw because it fosters an unhealthy and unsustainable lifestyle.

I’m grateful I detected this thread in the fabric of my character. Perfectionism was like a thread that tugged on everything; my emotional, mental and social well being. Most of all, the thread of perfectionism and my spiritual well being produced internal friction.

I knew I needed to make alterations.

Nothing about perfectionism screams purpose. I had to replace perfectionism with my God-given purpose. Immediately the fabric of my character changed its texture. Like water poured on wool, seeking my purpose changed my character.

Words of Wisdom by Char of the Week: The fabric of your character exposes who you really are. Examine yourself, and request accountability, to determine what alternations the fabric of your character needs. 1 Samuel 16:7



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