Financial Health Made Simple By Fiona Freeman /

The state of our personal financial health is on most of our minds. If you haven’t taken time to improve your financial situation, it’s not too late. At some point, we all have to get serious about money-obtaining it, saving it, spending it wisely, investing, incurring debt and debt repayment, taxes, retirement planning, charitable giving, etc. Now is the time to work on our financial health.

People who are financially healthy have the following: a positive net worth; savings for retirement; no or very low debt; health, life, auto and homeowner’s insurance; investments; a superior credit score; a will or trust; and can handle unexpected expenses when they arise. They sleep well every night, participate in activities they enjoy, and are usually physically healthy as well.

We must make wise life decisions that allow us to arrive at and maintain the state of being financially healthy.

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