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For Poets

This poem is dedicated to the unbroken chain of black poets who have given us a legacy of poetic treasures to share.

Also, this column is dedicated to the Legacy of Fitzgerald Beaver , the Founder of The Facts Newspaper in Seattle WA.

For Poets

Stay beautiful

but don't stay down underground too long

Don't turn into a mole

or a worm

or a root

or a stone

Come on out into the sunlight

Breathe in trees

Knock out mountains

Commune with snakes

& be the very hero of birds

Don't forget to poke your head up

& blink


Walk all around

Swim upstream

Don't forget to fly !

THe author of this poem is Al Young. He was born in Ocean Springs, Mississippi in 1939. He grew up in Detroit, Michigan.He has six collections of poetry.Also, He has published five novels and continues to be that strong link in the Unbroken Chain of Black Poetrty.



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