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Last week we pondered the question, what has really changed since the protests and the ringing voices of dismantling institutionalized racism were hear thought the globe. If you want to know the answer to the question you will need to finish this weeks article, then go back and read last weeks article! Yea you see what I did there . Okay enough of the shenanigans.

Well sort of. This week the Seattle Mariners began Spring Training 2.0 . Officially the Mariners and MLB are calling it Summer Camp. You know how that branding thing goes. The real is that there will be Baseball starting July 24th . Yes, pencil that date in 6:10 pm ( PST) to be exact. That will be the Mariners first game of the abbreviated 60 game season due to Covid 19.

The Mariners will be on the road against the Houston Astros for four games. The Mariners home opener will be Friday July 31st against the Oakland Athletics at 6:40 pm (PST )Yes sports is slowly making its way back. Fans will not be allowed at the ballpark but the mere site of local professional players competing brings some semblance of hope. Hope in that once the voices of change have had their say and created a level playing field, we that are created equal can truly enjoy sports in the way it was mean to be. Yes, we are a long way from utopia but just knowing that sports is finding its way back does leave one with hope of a better day. So, continue to stand for Justice and Peace so we can all be unified in saying that Black Lives Matter on and off the field.