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Greetings District 2! This is your friendly neighborhood King County Councilmember, Girmay Zahilay.

COVID-19 Updates

Earlier this week, the Director of King County Public Health shared with our council the following updates:

  • COVID-19 transmission rates fell from a high of 644 cases per day in August to 334 cases per day in November. We are headed in the right direction, but this is still considered high community transmission.

  • The highest rates are among 25–34-year-old residents.

  • Upcoming holiday gatherings can lead to another spike if we’re not careful. Please, please be safe during this holiday season.

As a reminder, vaccine verification or proof of negative COVID test is required for all patrons and customers 12-years of age and older prior to entry to most public events and establishments in King County. For more information, please visit this link here. You can always find your nearest vaccination site at our King County Public Health website or Washington State’s COVID Vaccine Finder. Please remember the vaccine is free and no appointments are necessary.

Booster shots are also available and recommended. For more information as well as frequently asked questions, please visit the Washington State Department of Health website.

Redistricting South Seattle Call to Action

The Washington State Redistricting Commission has proposed in their new Congressional maps moving South Seattle and the Chinatown-International District out of the majority-minority 9th Congressional District and into the 7th. This is a mistake in my opinion. South Seattle should remain in the same Congressional District as areas with similar needs, interests, and demographics like Skyway, Tukwila, and Renton. Moving South Seattle into the 7th Congressional District, on the other hand, could dilute the collective voting power of communities of color who live there.

Redistricting determines our representation at every level of government. The final maps are due on November 15th. This is an important opportunity to make your voice heard on a potential change that could impact so many outcomes in our South Seattle neighborhoods. Please email the Washington State Redistricting Commission at asking them to keep South Seattle in the 9th Congressional District.

Here is template language from Redistricting Justice for Washington that you can copy and paste for your email.

Skyway Annexation Event

In my opinion, areas like Skyway, which aren’t apart of any city, must be absorbed into a neighboring city like Renton or Seattle. Without annexation, the chronic divestment and economic struggles that this community faces will only worsen with time. But I also know that there is a long history of attempts at annexation which have disappointed local residents. Furthermore, the process of annexation can be extremely complicated and confusing. That’s why I’m hosting a Skyway Annexation town hall. This is simply an informational event to help our community understand the process and also allow you to give feedback and direction to me. The event will take place November 18th at 6pm.

We will be joined by King County experts on annexation and special guest, Renton City Councilmember Ed Prince!

Anyone can watch the livestream on my Facebook page with no RSVP. If you would like to participate in the Zoom, RSVP with my team member, Chandler Gayton, at

Week Without Driving

Earlier this month, I participated in the first-ever “Week Without Driving,” organized by the advocacy group Disability Rights Washington to understand the real-world impact of policy decisions around public transit and mobility.

My first weekend of #WeekWithoutDriving I was in Seattle. The rest of the week, I was in New York City. The difference between the 2 cities for non-drivers couldn’t be starker. In New York, I was able to get anywhere using transit and, fascinatingly, it was usually faster and more convenient than driving. I’m excited to help build out King County’s public transit system to make it as frequent and accessible as possible!

Read more about #WeekWithoutDriving here.

Contract Equity Motion

When discussing the harsh economic conditions in our state, we often and correctly point to our regressive tax code as a persistent cause of inequity. But in