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Harvesting Extraordinary

Cultivating greatness is an intentional practice

By Chardonnay Beaver

It’s fair to say people remember the remarkable more than the ordinary.

The most impactful thing we can do on this earth is be a farmer. Now, I know you’re probably thinking ‘out of all the ways you can impact people, you want us to be farmers?’


The farmer I’m referring to is one that sows seeds into the lives of others. Rather than sowing seeds into dirt, we have the opportunity to sow symbolic seeds into this world.

Like a farmer, seed sowing is intentional. Farmers don’t sow seeds without an expectation. When they plant seeds into the ground, they expect the result to be a harvest. In other words, sowing seeds into the lives of others is a deliberate act. One of the greatest seeds you can sow is modeling a purpose-driven life.

Here’s the secret to living out your God-given purpose, one word: cultivate.

Cultivating, like farming in this sense, is nurturing your abilities to bring out the good in everything you’re involved in. Being a farmer, cultivating greatness and pursuing your purpose is how you harvest extraordinary things.

Words of Wisdom by Char of the Week: Our job is to sow seeds of love, wisdom and knowledge. You have to sow extraordinary seeds to harvest extraordinary outcomes. 2 Corinthians 9:6