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In Loving Memory Jahaz Savon Phillips

Jahaz Savon Phillips was born September 22, 2007 in Seattle, Washington to the late Deloris Cain and surviving father Whitney Phillips. He departed this earthly life on March 21, 2024 in Seattle, Washington.

Jahaz’s smile was bright, contagious, and infectious to all those around him. As his life proceeded he always exhibited himself to be an energetic kid who loved the outdoors, he enjoyed riding bikes, playing basketball, hanging around friends, watching movies, and most of all cooking.

Jahaz leaves behind his cherished memories with his family members: his five remaining siblings, Da’Rel Cain, Sr., Ja’Kale Williams, Billy Williams, Ta’Hayla Cain, and Sayvion Phillips. He was an uncle to Kar’Zhae Anderson and Carllon Anderson of Ja’Kale Williams and Sa’Rel, Da’Rel Jr., Ter’Rel, Mia’Rel, Ty’Rel, and Zy’Rel Cain of Da’Rel Cain Sr, as well as Lily Harper and Tayzon Williams of Billy Williams. Additionally, he was a great-uncle to Heiress Annette Hooks of Kar’Zhae Anderson. Funeral arrangements are private.



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