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In Loving Memory of Bryan Staton

Born to Leonard Stanton and Rosemary Stanton on November 17, 1966. Bryan Stanton was raised in the heart of the Southend of Seattle his family ties were deeply embedded in the heart of the Central District. He attended Stevens Elementary School, Madrona Elementary School, Asa Mercer Middle School, Franklin High School, and Sharples Alternative High School. He was known as the family comedian, always ready with jokes and quick wit. He had a strong passion for music and could often be found singing and dancing to his favorite songs. He took great care in his appearance, dressing stylishly with matching shoes, hats, and glasses. Once dressed, he loved posing for photos with his family. Bryan cherished his family and enjoyed spending time with them. He was also a talented athlete and had a love for basketball. While playing football for Rainier Playfield, he earned the nickname “MAD DOG” for his dedication and hard work on the football field.


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