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In Loving Memory of Delvon Wilson

Delvon Wilson

Born June 21, 1972 to January 9, 2024

Was born and raised in Seattle Washington went to Garfield high school class of 1990 was class president and he was a track star got a scholarship to go to Clemson University South Carolina and was also graduate of the class of 94 of Clemson University As well as his wife. Delvon was married to Lisa for 26 years from January 4 of 1998 to January 4, 2024.  He's the beloved husband of Lisa Wilson, father to Diallo Wilson, Zuberi Wilson, Kwalik, Wilson, parents, living, Christopher Wilson, and Bonnie Wilson, two sisters, Iman Finley, and ShaVon Walworth. Three nieces, Umoya, McKinney, and Shami Walworth and Sophia Marshall One nephew, Roman Finley. He has several cousins on his father side and several cousins on his mother side, and he has three Aunts living, three living uncles. And three great aunts living. Memorial service for Delvon is January 20,  2024 at 11:00 am at Holgate church of Christ 2600 south Holgate Seattle WA


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