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In Loving Memory of Etta Mae Singleton

Etta Mae Singleton

On March 5, 2024 Etta Mae Singleton went home. She was 95 years old.

Born on August 16, 1928 in Monroe, Louisiana. She used to paddle her way to school in the bayou at 5 years old, alligators and all. She loved telling that story just to share how much grit she had.

She had three children, Tommy Battles, Linda Battles and Ron Battles Singleton. In 1968, she moved to Kodiak, Alaska with her husband, Ed Singleton. It was there that she worked on the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard bases as a civilian as a cook After 47 years living in Alaska, Etta moved back to Seattle where most of her family lived. While she missed Kodiak she was able to finally see her family daily, which she loved.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Ed Singleton, her granddaughter, André Battles, and her son, Ron Singleton. And grandson Bruce Brooks. She leaves behind her children Tom and Linda Battles, seven grandchildren, sixteen great grand children, and four great- great grandchildren. Etta was very loved and she will be greatly missed by all.



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