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In Loving Memory of Guymil Lateef Montgomery

Guymil Lateef Montgomery who Transitioned in the early morning hours of August 29th, 2022 of health issues from Diabetes.

Guymil was born in Highland Park MI. June 11, 1966 to Thomas Junio, “TJ”, Sanders, (Deceased), and Elaine Aikens.

In 1969 Elaine moved to Seattle with her children Donna, Diane, and Guymil. By the 1970’s the family moved to the Seward Park Neighborhood of Seattle in a Peach Coloured house on 46th and Ferdinand St. Those were the formative and coming of age years for Guymil and he made many friends that have been his comrades most all their lives.

A family man who has always been in all of his children's lives from day one - Guymil leaves behind a plethora of friends, family and loved ones to carry on his memory and legacy.

For information of his services contact his sister Tana Yasu: 206.602.8982


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