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In Loving Memory of Melodi Johnson


Born and raised in Seattle.

Garfield alumni. USMC veteran.

After and honorable discharge, several years of formal and informal education and travel, I returned home to a career in healthcare.

My time has been short but not wasted. I leave behind this simple advice:


Avoid Bitter Barneys and Sour Susies

(Misery Loves Company).

Don’t let others dictate who you are-it’s your life.

“Forgive and forget” translates to “kick my ass again”.

Learn from your mistakes.

I am survived by my daughters Dominique and

Jordan, my brother Hassan, and his family.

For my family under 60; reconnect.

For my family over 60, don’t’ interfere.

No service, no memorial, no performances.

“Get busy living or get busy dying” Stephen King



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