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Dec. 28, 2020, two years ago, the Williams family lost their beloved and dearly missed Kaloni. Kaloni was a beautiful and bright 12-year-old, with so many dreams and aspirations. She had hopes and dreams of being a doctor, and she was looking forward to going to middle school. She was involved in track, swimming dancing, tap, ballet, and gymnastics. What couldn’t she do? Kaloni was a bright light every day. She was so talented and full of life and positive energy. She was a comedian. She always had everyone laughing. Her smile was beautiful and contagious. She would light up every room with her smile! This little girl was so strong, but in the end, our failed medical system ended her life. Can you imagine not getting air, but you're sitting right In the middle of a medical facility… How devastated the family was when their beautiful Kaloni passed away in the hands of medical "processionals." The same facility that she has been going to for many years, which held all her medical records and background. This tragedy was the result of a failed system, facility, processes, and personnel. Messages from your family: Your family loves you, they miss you every day, and there isn't a day that goes by that they do not think about you. They miss your smile, your laughter, and most importantly your presence and love. Your Mom, Grandmother, Grandfather, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews, aunts, and uncles, all miss you every day! They are working hard to get through their loss of you and they breathe every day because of you. They will not rest until they get justice for your senseless death. Breathe for Kaloni. Note to readers: Racism comes in all forms. Beware of where you take your children. It makes a huge difference in the treatment they will receive. The stereotypes and the lack of attention to black children is real. Medical Violence is real! Do not be the next victim of a broken medical system. Do not lose your child or loved one to Medical Violence



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