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King County case numbers are rising – now’s the time to act

Cases of COVID-19 in King County have been rising quickly for the last few weeks

  • Last week, we reached our peak number of cases reported in a single day – 258 cases

  • There is still time to turn this around before hospitals are overwhelmed and we reach a crisis point

  • Please remind your communities to rededicate themselves to COVID-prevention practices:

  • Avoid gathering in groups, and when you must gather, limit the time and number of people

  • Keep physically distanced

  • Wear masks any time you’re with people from outside your household, both indoors and outdoors

  • Good ventilation is important, but avoiding groups, wearing masks and staying 6’ apart is even more important

  • Doing this, especially with holidays approaching, is so hard. Continue to connect with those you love, while keeping them safe.

  • Together, we can turn this trend around!



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