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Malcolm X Week is presented by Africatown Community Land Trust NOW!!!

Malcom X Week 2022 presented by Africatown Community Land Trust

SEATTLE, WA - Honoring the life and legacy of human rights leader El-Hajj Malik El -Shabazz, Africatown Community Land Trust presents the 2022 Malcolm Week series. Events include film screenings and discussions of the critically acclaimed X by Spike Lee and One Night in Miami at Sankofa Theater located 815 S. Seattle, Suite 140.

The finale Malcolm X Day Celebration will be held Saturday, May 21, 2022 at Jimi Hendrix Park, 2400 S. Massachusets featuring speakers, performers, art in the park and community booths honoring the philosophies of the late human rights leader.

Performers and speakers include: Rell Be Free, Ralphy Davis, Porter Ray, Samara Reign, The Band, K Williams, Jaylon, Devonte Parsons with soundtrack by DJs Topspin, Lake Freeman & Bankhead.

The program will be followed by a candlelight vigil for victims of Buffalo Mass Shooting 6pm.

The series of events will be a chance to be inspired, enjoy good food and music and be informed about what’s happening in your community and commit to honoring the legacy of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz in your own walk.

The event is presented by Africatown Community Land Trust, Ladies Who Hustle, Black Dot, Sankofa Theater, Wa Na Wari with support from the City of Seattle Human Services Department. For more information contact Antonesha Jackson at or 206.765.6496.


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