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This poem is dedicated to the unbroken chain of black poets who have given us a legacy of poetic treasures to share.To the Legacy of Fitzgerald Beaver, the Founder of The Facts Weekly Newspaper in Seattle WA

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR A man went forth with gifts He was a prose poem He was a tragic grace He was a warm music He tried to heal the vivid volcanoes His ashes are reading the world His Dream still wishes to anoint the barricades of faith and of control His words still burn the center of the sun, above the thousands and the hundred thousands. The word was Justice.It was spoken. So it shall be spoken. So it shall be done. The author of this poem is Gwendolyn Brooks.Her first publication of poems was in 1945,The book was titled "A Street in Brownsville". She later was the author of thirty books,the recipient of over seventy honorary degrees and awards, including her appointment as Poet Laureate of Illinois. She was another strong link in the Unbroken Chain of Black Poets.


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