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Mazvita: Spring Hopes Eternal

Spring Hopes Eternal

Yes, it is a classic line, clique, played out tuned out saying. Truth be told my sister the saying like all those things which are pure and true never get tiresome. Old yes tiresome no. Pont is this is the hopeful time of all Seattle Sports. The Seattle Storm and the Mariners are mere weeks away from some of the most anticipated seasons in history.

Did you hear Storm and basketball GOAT Sue Bird is coming back for her 19th year? And

while we are playing the did you know, did you know this is the year the Mariners will break there dreaded playoff drought? Time will tell and the clock as previously mentioned will begin in mere weeks. As for the other teams in the 206 the Washington Huskies began their spring football under new head coach Kalen DeBoer. Yes, said Huskies are two weeks

into their five-week spring practice season and you already know hope , hope and more hope is abounded. The Seahawks are well. Let me put it this way. The front office and coaches are full of hope. The fan base well not so much. But in a few weeks the NFL will hold its annual draft and yes time heals all wounds, or I should say wining heals all wounds in the sporting world. Did you know Russell Wilson has been traded to the Broncos and Bobby Wagner has signed with Los Angeles Rams? Yes, the Los Angeles Rams. Wagner has first conference since being released by the Ram this week and I quote, “ the games against the Seahawks will not be quiet ones. “ (Hand on head emoji). See the Hawks play the Rams twice each season. One game away and one game at home.

The other team full of hope and dreams is the Seattle Sounders . The Rave Green take on New York Football Club tonight in the first leg of a two game CONCACAF Champions League Semifinals tournament. Say what ? One great thing about soccer is in addition to a regular season schedule , teams are involved in three tournaments. The CONCACAF Champions League tournament pits the best team in MLS against the best teams in Liga MX which is the Mexican professional league. The winner of the tournament advances to the European part of the tournament. No MLS teams has ever won the CONCACF tournament. You guessed it. The Sounders are fixing to be the first team from MLS to accomplish the historic feat. Now it’s a two-game series with game one in Seattle then game two in New York. Team that scores the most goals advances to the championship round.



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