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More than $2 Million Dollars Returned to Seattle Workers with Carpe Diem Pizza, Inc. dba Domino’s

More than $2 Million Dollars Returned to Seattle Workers in Settlement with Carpe Diem Pizza, Inc.

Seattle, WA (January 31, 2022) - The Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS) investigated Carpe Diem Pizza, Inc. dba Domino’s Pizza, a franchise operator of 14 Domino’s Pizza locations in Seattle and more than 30 Domino’s Pizza locations through the Puget Sound area. Carpe Diem Pizza, Inc. dba Domino’s Pizza agreed to pay a total financial remedy of $2,177,855.08 to 1,330 affected workers, and $600.00 to the City of Seattle for allegations under the Secure Scheduling, Minimum Wage, and Wage Theft Ordinances.

OLS alleged that Carpe Diem Pizza, Inc. dba Domino’s Pizza did not consistently provide employees with schedules at least 14 days in advance, failed to provide employees with a good faith estimate of work schedules, and failed to pay any premium pay for changes to employee schedules with less than 14-day advance notice.

Additionally, OLS alleged the employer did not pay the Seattle Minimum Wage to delivery drivers for time spent making deliveries in Seattle when drivers worked from a location on the Seattle border and did not consistently pay overtime compensation to employees who worked over 40 hours in a work week across multiple locations.

Lynzie Dugar, an employee who worked for Carpe Diem Pizza in 2018 said, “So many of us were worked to the bone at that franchise and to have them not follow Seattle law on top of it was so discouraging. It felt like we had no real power to do anything about it since they owned so many stores and none of us could afford to lose our jobs if we were retaliated against. The money will go so far to help with car payments, medical bills, maybe even help with down payments for houses. I think it will truly change some of these employees' lives.”

"When I was first contacted about the resolution, I was elated - I felt as if for the first time in a long time there was hope for the workers at the bottom to get justice. Workers that only after a global pandemic shook the world have finally been recognized as what they are, essential. Personally, I can say that this resolution is going to give me 3 months of living expenses. Progress is clearly being made as demonstrated by the work OLS has done and that gives me renewed hope for the future of low wage workers in Seattle. I'm so thankful to know that because of OLS, low wage workers' voices actually matter," said another former Carpe Diem Pizza employee.

“We believe each worker is essential and should be scheduled and paid fairly, respecting their time and desire to earn predictable wages. We believe we met this goal for our team and remain committed to that goal,” said Carpe Diem Pizza. “This includes our commitment to complying with all federal, state, and local laws and ensuring a safe, secure and respectful work environment. While there were no findings of intentionally inaccurate employee timekeeping and pay practices, we are using the investigation as a learning opportunity. Ultimately, this settlement allows Carpe Diem and our valued team to move forward and focus on what we do best: Offer hot and delicious pizzas at a great value.”

“This is an example of the widespread problems workers in Seattle are facing when trying to do their jobs. Seattle labor standards like Secure Scheduling, Minimum Wage and Wage Theft are in place to protect workers. Unscheduled hours, receiving the incorrect minimum wage and unpaid time add up to, in this case, millions of dollars in lost wages. Delivery drivers in particular are among the many front-line workers and should be compensated according to Seattle’s labor laws,” said Steve Marchese, OLS Director.

For more information on Seattle’s labor laws contact the Office of Labor Standards at or call 206-256-5297.

  • Help for workers and the public: to ask a question, file a complaint, or provide information, call 206-256-5297, email, or click here to fill out a web form.

  • Help for employers: for free and private assistance for compliance with Seattle’s labor standards, call 206-256-5297, email or click here to fill out an employer inquiry form.



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