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No News Is Good News

Sports by Mazvita

No News Is Good News

The National Football League free agency period kicked Tuesday afternoon. Good news for the Seahawks is that quarterback Russell Wilson is still a Seahawk. If you have been masking up, staying safe and minding your business the previous statement seems odd. For the good Samaritans in the group let me bring you up to speed. A few weeks ago, Wilson was quoted on a couple of morning sports shows as saying he would like more protection when he drops back to pass. A fair request if you were sacked more times than any other quarterback in the league last year. Well talk show hosts and bored media do what talk show host and bored media do. They blew up the story and had it that Wilson was unhappy and looking to play for another team. Sounded absurd until Wilson agent revealed that there are five teams Wilson would approve a trade for if the team was looking to trade him. The became a straight up Volcanic eruption. Is Wilson looking to move on ? What happened to the squeaky clean, team first Wilson of old. Actually, nothing Wilson was just stating the obvious. The good sign was the Seahawks silence. Sometimes no news is good news. There was bad news in Seahawk Nation as the team released edge rusher Carlos Dunlap on Monday. Dunlap joined the Seahawks after a midseason trade from the Cincinnati Bengals. The release of Dunlap saves the Seahawks $14 million in cap space. The Seahawks are hoping to resign Dunlap at a lower cost after he tests out the free agency market. A gamble indeed but the extra cap space could be used to upgrade the offensive line perhaps. The Seahawks have some upcoming tough decisions to make. Running backs Chris Carson, Carlo Hyde, cornerback Shaquill Griffin and linebacker K.J Wright will hit the free agent market next week when the 2021 fiscal season begins. The team is unlikely to keep all four and a few more players set to hit the market. And oh yes about that Wilson situation? Yes, put your mask on fasten your seatbelt Hawks fans it is going to be a bumpy ride.


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