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Port of Seattle Prepares for Possible Federal Government Shutdown

Port of Seattle facilities, including Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), would remain fully open and operating should a government shutdown begin this weekend. The Port is working closely with its federal partners to keep operations as close to normal as possible.

“The Port of Seattle urges Congress to work to find a way to avoid a shutdown,” said Port of Seattle Commission President Sam Cho. “Any shutdown would impact not only federal partners we rely upon, but it could also cause general disruption of our local economy and services. We appreciate the ongoing professionalism and commitment by our federal partners and will do all we can to support them in the case of a shutdown.”

The Port is determining what actions it could take to support its federal aviation and maritime security partners, who would be working without pay during this period.

Specifically for SEA Airport, as with any trip, passengers are advised to make plans before they travel. Consider the wide range of options for arriving at the airport, including ways to avoid congestion on the drive such as taking public transportation, or using the airport drive with the shortest line. Plan to arrive in the terminal at least two hours prior to a domestic flight and at least three hours prior to an international flight.


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