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Press Rewind

Reflection of 2023

By Chardonnay Beaver

2023 did not disappoint me. 

But I would be dishonest if I denied that there weren’t many valleys in this year. I’m not too sure why my mind is conditioned to see the mountains before the valleys in my life. Perhaps when I look back over this year, or my life in general, the good always outweighs the bad. 

At this time of the year, with just four days until New Years, my mind begins to press rewind.

I begin to reflect. I reflect on what I was doing this time last year, who I associated with, who I was and who I’ve become since then. 

In 2024, one of my greatest desires is for this generation to cultivate and safeguard hope. Faith allows us to believe in the impossible; but hope makes us eligible to behold the impossible. 

Arguably, the most daunting insecurity or crisis in this generation is hope. 

In this new year, consider how you can induce hope. Muster the courage to believe God for more. Look beyond what you can see, and don’t turn back. 

Words of Wisdom by Char of 2023: Turn to God, the ultimate source of satisfaction and truth. Nothing else will satisfy your soul's deepest desire. Allow your life to orbit around Him. 

Practically commit yourself to serving with a purpose. Disconnect from affairs that only benefit yourself. 

Learn how to quickly relinquish offense. 

Study your responses, evaluate your heart posture, make necessary adjustments.

Forgive yourself often. 

Read more, travel more, sleep more, laugh more – stress less.