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Profound Simplicity

Learn why we must mastering authenticity

By Chardonnay Beaver

Simplicity was not a prize in my upbringing. 

Simplicity was often synonymous with being boring or lame. Growing up in America, the idea of striving for less seems absurd. Pop culture references, especially in the Black American zeitgeist, affirms the material extravagance of “making it.” 

Having more, accruing more, somehow communicates that having less is a character flaw. 

But like my Aunty used to always say “what glitters ain’t always gold.”

So what should we even strive towards? If lack can disguise itself as abundance, how should we think about life? 

This is where simplicity comes back into the conversation. 

Profound simplicity allows us to master a greater sense of authenticity. We declutter our consciousness of the demand for more, and concentrate on the value of now. 

Valuing the present invites us to evaluate our daily pace of living. 

Words of Wisdom by Char of The Week: At the core of profound simplicity is accounting for what you can, and can not, control. Valuing the present isn’t a passive practice. Because we can not control time, or all the conditions of our circumstances, we have to grab hold of today. Matthew 6



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