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Bob Gregory And Junior Adams Set To Step In Against Arizona State

The Washington Huskies football program stepped into a whirlwind before during and after its loss to the Oregon Ducks last Saturday. One of the worse days in Husky football saw fans experience, wind, cold and expected rain. While it sounds like good old Husky football weather the elements were to severe even for old die hard Northwesterners.

In addition to fighting the elements and witness another loss to the Ducks, Husky fans saw an uncharacteristic display of emotion by Head Coach Jimmy Lake. In attempt to stop one of his players from fighting Lake stepped in separated the players turned his attention to Ruperake Fuavai ,and allegedly made contact with the special team players face mask and pushed him in the back as he was walking away. The incident raised some eyebrows, but the game went on. Lake was asked about the sideline incident during the post-game conference, and he denied striking the player.


On Sunday after noon the Husky Athletic Department issued a statement stating that Offensive Coordinator John Donovan had been relieved of his duties. A move many were calling for three weeks into the season. Wide receivers coach Junior Adams was named interim offensive coordinator. On Monday morning the Washington Athletic Department issued another statement on the ne week suspension of Jimmy Lake effectively immediately. Interim tag number two was handed to Defensive Coordinator Bob Gregory as the head coach leading up to and during Saturdays Arizona State game.


Before the blame game begins first and foremost is the question how the players move one. Imagine your head coach being suspend for a week without pay I might add for unacceptable behavior towards one of your teammates? Do you pick a side ? How much trust is lost and how can it be regained in seven days? Lake will resume head coaching duties after the Saturday’s contest with Arizona State with contest against Colorado and Washington State remaining.

Can the team rally around him? Will the University rally around him ? Maybe to the first question and not a chance to the second.


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