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Statement from the Washington State Department of Health

OLYMPIA – Today marks two years since the first case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) was found in Washington and in the United States. Our state lead the nation in the early days of the pandemic response by being proactive, transparent, and tough in its fight to protect people from the fast-spreading virus.

Over the past two years, our lives have changed dramatically at school, at work, and at home. Many holidays and special events had to be put on hold until ‘safer options’ were available. In early 2021, as we reflected on one year of the pandemic, we watched as COVID-19 vaccines became available in our communities, which brought a sense of safety. As more and more people were vaccinated, we saw businesses re-open, children head back to the classroom, and people return to their everyday lives. Boosters came into play just a few months later as new variants threatened to set us back.

Now, looking back on two years of pandemic response, we can say we are proud of the countless lives that have been saved by the partnerships in and around the public health system. We want to thank everyone who has done something to make their neighbor a little bit safer during this unprecedented time.

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